Friday, September 11, 2009

I don't mean to brag...

...but my grocery-getting, swore-we'd-never-get-a-bigger-car 2007 blue Honda CR-V can be seen in the background during the 35th minute of Oprah's season opener yesterday. She filmed downtown, and Jack and I were picking up Jeremy from work. If you could have zoomed in to the car - as Jennifer Hudson was singing "I'm Every Woman" - you would have seen:

1. A rotisserie chicken from Jewel (I can't cook every night)
2. Children's Benadryl and Jack sporting a funny red rash on his face
3. 5 outdoor signs and 50 lanyards for a work event this weekend
4. A double stroller for our nanny share
5. One tired mommy


  1. so excited to have such famous friends!

  2. Oh, Country...I am honored to have you as my one and only follower!