Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We're okay

This afternoon, Jeremy asked me what day it was, and when I answered, "Tuesday," he replied he couldn't believe what a long week it has already been.

Granted he told me this as I sat in a hospital bed and he was sitting in a chair next to me, legs outstretched.  

This week's journey started in the wee hours of Monday morning. I realized I hadn't felt baby girl kick in a good while and started to really worry - to the point of quietly crying. 

Late that morning, I was very distracted at work and was grateful that my doctor could see me. They hooked me up to a non-stress test that follows the baby's heartbeat. The baby's heartbeat was a bit erratic - taking deep dips and they did a quick ultrasound and noticed my amniotic levels were quite low. They admitted me to the hospital right away.

I've been here since, going through a lot of tests. We talked to the high-risk ob gyn this morning. They want to keep me at the hospital for the next two weeks to monitor the baby's heartbeat and the low amniotic levels. There is still a chance I might even deliver this week but that is looking less and less likely.

We are taking this day by day. After meeting with the NICU doctor today, I'd really like to make it to 35 weeks (on Monday, we were at 32 weeks) - we would avoid automatically going to the NICU at that point, which would be such a blessing.

The doctor we spoke with this morning called my situation very unique. There's nothing been written about it. I am healthy, the baby's growth is good...he put out the idea that maybe there was some sort of leak through the cord and the baby's blood is leaking into my blood stream, causing the baby to be anemic, which is affecting her heart and maybe the amnio levels. They took blood to test this, and I haven't heard back yet.

My heart is breaking at the idea of being away from my Jack, but I am keep my hopes high that I can return home earlier than two weeks and just keep this little girl inside for a bit longer. Jeremy's in charge at home and is doing a great job.

The doctor said that everything could be just fine. He even noted that if we didn't have the information we have now, this pregnancy could have very well been just fine on its own. This is just one giant precautionary exercise to quote my husband. Since the doctors have this information now, they simply can't let me leave.

Jeremy and I are blessed with our family, friends and good health. I am in the best place I can be, and I kid that this is my vacation - I have my own TV, my own bed and room service. My family and friends have been wonderful, offering help and promising visits if I'm here for awhile.

Please send good thoughts and prayers our way. We had a good day today. Baby girl did a great job on all of our tests and is kicking and moving around well. I am determined to be an A+ student so we can be sent home earlier. My goal is Friday - there, I said it. I'm almost overwhelmed at the excess of health care I'm receiving, but I know that they must take this prenatal care very seriously.

Hey did I mention we started a brief renovation project on our condo Monday too? When it rains, it pours!

More updates to come...I'm off to watch Glee now.

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