Sunday, November 1, 2009

All treats

Halloween was so nice yesterday. It was the first time in awhile we were able to set aside the daily things of life and celebrate and be joyful. The day was the reason you work so hard the rest of the year – to have special days like these. Jeremy and I attended the wedding of my childhood friend Chris and his lovely bride Eileen. They are beautiful people, inside and out, and have loving, strong families. It was a wonderfully warm affair. How special to see those two looking so happy as Eileen walked down the aisle. It makes me teary now to even think about it!

Since the wedding was in Cleveland, my hometown, we’re spending the weekend with my family. Jack had his first honest-to-goodness trick-or-treating experience. I was sad to not be part of it, but the fact that Jack had so much fun with his cousin Andrew and my family far outweighed any sad thoughts. This picture may cause a few cavities; it is just so darn sweet.

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