Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cloth-napkin dining with Jack

I've had the opportunity to eat lunch at Prairie Grass Cafe twice, paired with visits to one of my favorite places, the Chicago Botanic Garden. Tonight, Jeremy's mom took us all - including Jack - out for dinner there, which I was very excited to do and introduce Jeremy to.  This restaurant has a menu of upscale comfort food made with seasonal ingredients.

Prairie Grass Cafe is the perfect restaurant for recovering new parents who were once foodies. They use ingredients from local farms, mostly organic, and are extremely accommodating of children. When we sat down, I relished the cloth napkins...cloth-napkin dining with Jack? They asked if Jack wanted whole or skim milk...another plus. They had a very nice children's menu, and we just love our appetizers (how could a simple cream of mushroom soup be so velvety and so delicious?). Our entrees of duck for Ellen and Jeremy and beef from Tallgrass Beef for me were great; the wine list was reasonably priced and extensive.  Dinner was finished with a scoop of homemade vanilla bean ice cream for Jack.

It was a great dinner for the fabulous food and not being stressed about having my two-year-old out after sundown. The atmosphere was friendly yet elegant. It was a bit expensive but I highly recommend for a special treat!

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