Monday, July 12, 2010

One moment at a time

I've had a lot on mind lately; I apologize for the blogging hiatus. Today, I returned to work after a week off at the beach with lots of sunshine and rest. I was met with an avalanche of email and voicemails that I have yet to fully get through. Today, Jeremy started a new job, and we lowered the asking price on our loft - both on my mind. As I walked through the door tonight, Jack greeted me with a raspy voice (is he getting sick?) and Roscoe the cat has a limp (we have a vet appointment for tomorrow at 9 a.m.). And I made the mistake of looking at my work email at home. Is it Friday yet?

As I finished up the dishes, Billie Holiday was on the satellite radio, and I spied Jack and Jeremy sitting on the porch. Jack had shut the sliding glass door so I could only see - not hear - their conversation. Both were identically slumped in their chairs, and I could see Jack telling his daddy an animated story. It felt good to just smile at this simple moment. This is the good stuff of life. 

(Now I have to go call my middle sister back - I just realized I forgot to wish her a happy anniversary when I talked with her an hour ago.)

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