Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I was given permission to rest today

As I try to write down these thoughts, boil a pot of water for Jack's vegetables (frozen vegetables are a beautiful invention), dry a load of sheets in the dryer, I have to tell you: I was given permission to rest today.

I went to Jack and Nate's first Kindermusik class today with Nate's baby sister June and super nanny Maria. We danced, we sang, and we kept the beat. At one point, the teacher instructed parents and caregivers to lie down on the floor to rest. She asked us how many times do our children seeing us sit down during the day, let alone, rest. So I laid there. Jack patted my face as Nate patted my back. They were both wiggleworms and didn't really get what we were doing.  Finally Jack squatted down near my face, and said, "wake up, Mommy!" The teacher implored us to take time at home to sit with our children and just be. As I stood up, I told Maria this class is also doubling as therapy for me.

(We pause for a moment as I put the vegetables into the boiling water.)

So I still have a full list of to do's for tonight but will try to take one minute to relax (and hey, I got not one but two October issues of food magazines today....yes!) steps!

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