Thursday, April 28, 2011


Thanks for sticking with me - working full-time and raising two babies have taken all of my energy lately.

We went to Cleveland this past weekend for Easter. It was nice to come home to my mother. She and my dad took good care of us all - preparing good meals, taking care of Jack and Jossie and letting me nap. I love afternoon naps. 

I continue to kid that my parents built their new house by planning the ultimate kitchen and then building the rest of the house around it. This is pretty much how we spent the weekend:

We reunited with our nannyshare friends, who have recently moved to a beautiful historic home in Cleveland. Jack was in seventh heaven, with his best bud Nate and cousin Andrew.

Our Easter holiday continues to get livelier and louder as the grandchildren get older. This was our holiday two years ago:

And here we are today:

Blogging to resume shortly. I hope me posting cute pictures today will entice you to stay.

I will add one more thought: Jeremy and I had a date Monday night at this Cleveland gastropub, with my parents keeping the kids at home. As I finished getting ready for our night out and walked out into my mom's kitchen, I saw Jossie happily swinging in her baby swing and watching the evening news with my dad. Jack was underfoot, begging for Easter candy. I looked at my mom and Jeremy and said tearfully, "We're so far away from the hospital."

I know I need to get over myself, but our January experience is still so real to me. I think about my mom being with me in the hospital, and I remember resting my head against the NICU window, looking at the bleak winter sky, and saying, "It has to get better than this."

And, thank goodness (and God), it has. Oh, it has.

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