Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What are you looking at?

Our vacation bedrooms are connected by a bathroom. I heard Jack yell out, "Mommy" this morning, so I went into his room and climbed into the double bed with him. A few minutes later, he, clad in his new Cars 2 pajamas, scampered out of bed and sat at the window, looking at his grandparents' backyard and pool. And I stared at him.

Caring for a child allows you to see the world again through new eyes. I love watching Jack explore and see things with amazement. And while he's looking around, soaking the world in, I can't help but soak him (and now Jossie) in.

It's been a good week so far - a beautiful wedding for family friends at Wolffer Estate Winery, playing at the beach, Jack and Jossie's first ferry ride, eating donuts at Dreesen's, Jack riding a carousel, and Jossie and I perfecting our mother-and-baby summer afternoon nap on the back porch (imagine breezes rustling the trees' leaves as a little one snuggles against your chest...heaven).

We went to the beach tonight for a dinnertime picnic and some playtime in the sand. Main Beach was misty as the fog rolled in. Jack and Jeremy's mom were at the water's edge, and Jack gleefully ran to avoid the waves lapping at the shore. It was pure summer joy - no worries about work or school - just sand between your toes and salty breezes through your hair. The ocean itself so beautiful, calming and majestic; the white sands expansive and unending. And all I can see is one laughing little brown-haired boy, having the time of his life. Until tomorrow...

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