Monday, February 20, 2012

I feel pretty

I got a little makeover this weekend, thanks to the wonderful, Chicago-based graphic designer, Little Web Writing Hood. I'd also like to thank my focus group for all things in life, my sisters Dayna and Laura, for giving me feedback.

Other changes:
  1. I'm listing all recipes in an index on my recipes page (bear with me, I'm working on this after my children go to bed at night).
  2. I'll soon have my book list live, compiling all of my little circle's favorite cookbooks, as well as favorite kids' books.
  3. Like the blog on Facebook; I promise it will become robust shortly.
More to come - I have to get back to my "holiday" now from work - by starting my 7th load of laundry and waking up one little miss Jossie for her first-ever music class.

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