Thursday, March 22, 2012


Two of our dearest friends had their first child yesterday. And I took advantage of the lunch hour today to visit with them. Carrying a box of six cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and a handmade "welcome to the world, baby" card from Jack, I entered their hospital room to meet our new friend, a beautiful baby boy with round cheeks. He was wrapped up tightly in his hospital blanket, a blue hat covering his head. I had the opportunity to hold him, and he was looking around, so alert and aware. His mama looked on proudly - she was glowing and calm - a lot better than I ever was post-birth!

The new father served some Perrier-Jouet in styrofoam cups, and we toasted to new life. A toast that has followed a long line of toasts in our friendship...weddings, new homes, new babies, New Year's Eve, and a warm Sunday with nothing to do besides sit on a patio chair and drink some Riesling, to name a few.

Life is so often about routine, lots of work and a long list of have-to's. Then you have a moment like this. It is such an honor and joy to have space to stop and marvel at the beauty of new life and relish the goodness of long friendships.

I had a lot of triggers being at the hospital - the same woman at the front desk in the lobby who was there last year when I was there with Jossie, a stack of "NICU mom" tags within view. Smells and sounds that put me in the place of last year. But overall, I was okay and that's nice to say.

It was a golden day outside - sunny and warm. My own children at home with Maria, having their lunches and settling down for afternoon naps.

Life is not perfect but we are all allowed some perfect life moments.

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