Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My husband is so lucky. He has me as his personal life coach.

I am always there with helpful hints on how he might improve our condo, our finances, our marriage, his career and fatherhood. If he needs a haircut, I am there to remind him. If there are bills to be paid, I'm there to tell him. Kitchen trash desperately needs to be taken out? Don't worry; I'll ask Jeremy. In fact, just this morning, I gave a beautiful soliloquy on putting his best foot forward, consciously living the best life he can.

I am glad I married a patient man.

Tonight, I came home from an after-hours meeting at work, having had two glasses a wine and a plate of charcuterie. I flopped down on the couch and turned the Glee on. Jack sat next to me and cuddled. After a few minutes, I told Jack it was time for bed, and I promised I would be 100% again in the morning for him because I certainly was not exhibiting my "best life lived" at that moment.

"You're 100% now, Jenn," Jeremy said, walking past the couch. "It just happens you typically operate at 150%."

Mind you, I'm no slouch in the married department - I can bake, I birth babies and I ensure there are stacks of toilet paper in each bathroom. But Jeremy will always best me at modeling patience for our kids and for me. While I can get my undies in a bunch about the small stuff, Jeremy has his eyes trained on our larger goals. This is the balance we maintain. And for that I am grateful.

My favorite picture of Jeremy. We were on vacation, pre-Jack.
More reflections to come on marriage as we near the much-anticipated wedding day of Jeremy's sister and her beloved.

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