Sunday, May 27, 2012

Down but not out

This Memorial Day weekend started with such promise. Jeremy and I took Friday off from work to accompany Jack on his class field trip to Chicago Fire Station 98. The weather was beautiful - crisp, cool and sunny. The kids were well behaved, and it was nice to spend time with the teachers and fellow parents as the school year nears to an end.

The three of us had lunch out and then Maria dropped Jossie off with us downtown so we could go for a walk and visit Mommy's office - always a treat.

By the time we got home, I was tired. Really tired.

I woke up Saturday with a fever and a very sore throat. As soon as I could, I got myself to our local prompt care medical center. Both the nurse and doctor who saw me were mothers. I practically insisted on getting any antibiotic they would prescribe to me, underlining the importance that Mama can't be sick at my house. They ruled out strep and influenza, but my tonsils looked terrible, so they called it tonsillitis. I left clutching my prescription.

Jeremy calls Saturday my rock star day - I spent the rest of the day in bed, taking prescription drugs while my roommates trashed the place. We all know how much I love my husband but let's just say he does things differently than me. Our standards of cleanliness are certainly on different levels. And I think during my Saturday night haze, I saw Jack walk past me in flannel long-sleeved pjs. It's 98 degrees in Chicago, people.

But the kids survived and Daddy survived while Mama hid in my bed all day, so all is well. At one point, Jack was on the side of my bed, saying, "I miss you, Mommy." On the bright side, I did have the chance to talk to both of my sisters, my mom and my mother-in-law on the phone. I can tell you that's the first time that has happened on the same day in all of 2012.

And now it's Sunday night. I'm not perfect but I can sit up, which is more than I can say 24 hours ago. I'd like to thank E! for running a "Sex and the City" marathon yesterday and HGTV for "House Hunters" today, keeping my sanity in check. I've washed our sheets in hot water, and I'm praying that no one else in my family gets sick. I'm past the point of being contagious, but I've still been doing a lot of air kisses at the kids, just to be sure.

So that's my holiday weekend so far - hoping yours is faring much better.

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