Monday, July 30, 2012


Posts have been far and few between this summer. You are not missing much; I assure you.

I have been battling strep throat since Memorial Day. I am on my fourth antibiotic. (See, I'm boring you already.) Also, much like the rest of the United States, Chicago has been broiling hot, so we've been spending a lot of time indoors. Fun.

Jossie has been perfecting her walking and picking up new words daily. We took her and Jack to soccer class this weekend. One of her favorite words is "ball," so I thought she would love soccer.

Turns out, she loves to play catch. Running around, listening to the "coach" and sitting quietly in a circle? Not so much.

Granted, she was the very youngest in class. Her favorite activity was making routine beelines out of the class area.  As we were running with the other children and parents in a "race," her feet barely skimming the ground as I pulled her along, she gave me a look like, "this is nuts, lady."

As we did an "obstacle course," and I had her "jumping" over obstacles, a Cheerio flew off of her.

And at the end, when the coach pulled out a parachute, she instructed the parents to put the children atop the parachute in the middle. I remember us doing this with a 9-month-old Jack at a Gymboree class in 2008. The parents gently fluttered the parachute, which freaked out the babies, and Jack's little baby friend Nate protectively held onto the back of Jack's little shirt. A blast from the past:

I assumed today we'd do the same thing with our babies, but the coach instructed us to run in a circle, turning the parachute as the babies sat on it.  I watched Jossie's reaction and was surprised to see she was okay. And then she wasn't okay. She frantically started to sign "All done!" and then burst into tears. I jumped in as soon as I could.

She recovered and all was fine. Jack did a great job in his big boy class. He still has my nonathletic genes in him, but he's getting more and more proficient in dribbling and passing the ball. I couldn't be more proud of him for just trying.

2028 Summer Olympic bound? Maybe, maybe not. But we're having fun.

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