Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just no gray hairs, please

A little more than a week ago, a 7-foot dead tree limb fell and hit my brother-in-law in the face. It broke a bone around his eye and left him and my sister with unanswered questions about his sight. They had numerous doctor's appointments and tests.

This week, his sight is blessedly restored and things are looking better (pun intended). The situation's not perfect just yet but he's healthy and strong, and he's healing, for which we're thankful. I happened upon a Bible verse today from this powerful blog. I would have shared it a week ago with him when he was in the hospital if I had it; it envelopes you like a warm blanket: I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4: 8

I traveled to Cleveland to help out my sister and her family last Monday. As I deplaned, I felt like an honest-to-goodness grown-up. I was where I could be of most help at that particular moment, knowing my kids, my home and my work were in a good place in Chicago.

Wearing the big-girl pants feels good to me. I'm learning that things are complicated. I'm learning to be patient and tolerant - there's always a story behind the story. I'm learning perspective.

This week at work in particular has been character-building. On Tuesday, I got a phone call from the hotel we've been working with for the past eight years to let me know they had double-booked their ballroom and would be booting my 700-person luncheon, to be held in October. After that phone call, I folded my arms and put my head down on my desk. A minute or two later, I stood up to tell my boss the news.

Luckily, this low moment quickly passed, and I celebrated my great colleagues who stepped into action and great fundraising friends I could call to get advice and hash out next steps. As of tonight, we have a new location.

Work has thrown my co-workers and me a few other zingers this week. Again, the big-girl pants are coming in handy. A good dose of perspective is keeping me grounded - obstacles are overcome and - after all - no one's gotten hit in the face this week.

Jossie has done two amazing things this week. She has started to give her own version of kisses. Jeremy is totally smitten with his little girl's affection, and I'm pretty sure he's going to buy her pony tomorrow. And, second, she has not fussed - not a cry, even - when I've put her to bed at night. She holds onto her baby doll tightly and looks at me calmly as I wish her good night and leave her side. She's peaceful and secure.

So here's a nod to growth, knowledge and being secure. We can't practice it every moment of every day but here's to trying our best.

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