Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jack's (last) first day of preschool

Today was Jack's first day of his second and final year of preschool. The class we attend is a mixed-ages classroom, and Jack is one of the big kids this year - I believe he is the oldest (and tallest!) boy. Many of our dear boy buddies have moved on to new schools this year, so I was wondering how Jack might do. He did fine, and I think it was a relief to him to be with his same teachers, same room and same class bunny, Hopsy Cabbage.

One of the best things about being a mama is making a big deal about holidays, birthdays and special days like today. After a breakfast of bagels that Daddy got up early to buy, we headed out the door to enjoy what was more an open house for the preschoolers.

Little sister Jossie made her appearance too at today's open house and loved it, playing with the kids and sitting on the rug during circle time. One of Jack's preschool teachers declared her 20 months going on 5 years old. Watch out, world!

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