Sunday, November 11, 2012

A mother's memories

Jack bounced on me this morning at 6:22 a.m. and asked me if it was still his birthday.

No, I replied. It's over.

We had a great weekend, and now I'm exhausted. My house is a disaster, and Roscoe the cat puked under our dining room table. I'll clean it up eventually.

Planning special events is a part of my professional work but I still get worked up about planning family events - guests in town; a kids' birthday blow-out Saturday afternoon; and a casual dinner party Saturday night. Everything went better than expected but I have to say, the best moments were the unplanned ones. Cherished memories - the moments I will hold most closely to my heart - include:
  • After Jack's preschool class had cupcakes Friday to celebrate Jack's birthday, the teacher turned on the music and the kids had a spontaneous dance party. While many of the boys stood to the side, Jack and his friend Nicholas were right there in the thick of it, letting the girls grab their hands and dance in circles. It was just fun - being kids and being silly.
  • Jack's cousin Andrew slept over. They fell asleep in the same twin bed, arms intertwined. 
  • Last night, we had some of our family and friends over for dinner. Sitting at the dining room table, it was just really nice. And maybe that's the wine talking.
  • Jeremy's parents bought Jack a bike today. We took him to a park to practice. It's a mild day in Chicago, and Jack was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and his new Star Wars watch from BFF Charlie. We watched him ride his bike joyfully, his scrawny little arms and hands gripping the handles. It was pure joy for him.
  • Jossie and her piece of birthday cake. Enough said.

Go get 'em this week!

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