Sunday, August 9, 2009

My people

I haven't blogged in awhile even though every day presents a few blog ideas. I'm still finding my voice in all of this. Work has been extremely character-bulding lately, and we've been hosting overnight guests and preparing for a week's vacation.

Which is where I am now.

We're at my in-laws' second home on Long Island. It's been a really great trip so far. The transition with Little Man has been relatively painless, and my sister and her little family are visiting for the first few days while we're here.

Tonight my mom called in with her movie review of "Julie & Julia." She laughed so hard she cried at some parts because she understood their predicaments in the kitchen. I love that because I think I will understand it as well, and I'm glad I come from such people who know their kitchens and understand the joys and challenges. I do love coming from people who cook. My cousins even started a group on Facebook where we can exchange recipes, which I love.

I think I've had a bit too much wine tonight; we'll see if this post makes sense in the morning.

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