Saturday, August 22, 2009

Top 10 Fried Things in Chicago

Jeremy and I are catching up on our Tivo-ed shows tonight (isn't that what everyone does on a Saturday night?). We are watching Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate...fried food edition.

It got us talking; here are our favorite fried goodies in Chicago:

10. Buffalo wings at Goose Island Brewery. (Jeremy's addition.)
9. Empanadas at Tango Sur. (Tango Sur is in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood and is a dining experience you need to have. Trust me. Unless you're a vegetarian.)
8. Sopes at Mixteco Grill.
7. Shrimp po'boy sandwich at Heaven on Seven.
6. Calamari at Francesca's on Taylor. (I love this calamari and I will tell you why: They serve it with marinara sauce rather than cocktail sauce. )
5. Shrimp, crab and vegetable-filled wontons at Lulu's. (I'm glad Lulu is not a real woman - Jeremy may very well leave me for her otherwise.)
4. The onion frites served with the roasted chicken at Bistro Campagne. (Hands' down - my favorite restaurant in Chicago - I love the (mostly organic) food, service and atmosphere...if I was ever on Check Please!, this would be my recommendation.)
3. The Coffee & Doughnuts Dessert at Japonais.
2. Fried chicken at Chalkboard. (If you have not been to Chalkboard, GO THERE NOW. It is fabulous and utilizes lots of organic ingredients.)
1. Two-fer: Tilipia sandwich and pommes frites at Hopleaf. (Promise me you'll visit the Hopleaf this winter - it is super-cozy with super-comfort food.)

What are your favorites?

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