Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh, it's on....

So just to sum up my week:
1. My thoughts are with one sister who is continuing to heal and one sister who is flying to Atlanta this morning.
2. Jack is getting over a cold; Jeremy is getting a cold; and I am fighting not to get one.
3. I remembered five minutes before the serviceman showed up that we were getting our furnace serviced at 7 a.m. this morning.
4. I have 15 chicken breasts thawing in my fridge for chicken satays I'm making for a party we're hosting Saturday.
5. Last night I went to three grocery stores and picked up a farmshare (which I was 2 minutes late in picking up, and thinking they had left already, I actually kicked the door of the church where the farmshare pick-up is located. I am not proud of that moment, especially after my mom reads this).
6. It's my 10th reunion at Northwestern this weekend, and we're hosting overnight guests.
7. It's the day before my Openlands' Annual Luncheon, where we're expecting 700 guests.
8. It's raining.

And I have the biggest smile on my face: My best friend is currently in labor with her second baby. I am so excited for her growing family!

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