Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Phew! Had to take a teeny break after the 25 Days of Christmas cookies, but I am back, rested and ready to write.

Tonight, I seriously told Jeremy that I was interested in language classes for Jack. I asked him if he preferred Jack to take Spanish, French, Italian, German or Mandarin.  He said he would prefer for him to learn how to throw a baseball. Well, then.

Resolution, who? Why do resolutions have to start in January (besides the fact it's the beginning of a new year, that is)? Who wants to be healthy when it's 5 degrees outside in cold Chicago? All I want is to eat a bowl of macaroni and cheese and someone to rub my cold feet as I lie under a blanket.

Mom, I love you, but I thought someone died when I saw I had a missed call from you at home and two missed calls on my cell phone (and I believe I have a voicemail waiting for me at work) tonight. Luckily, she was just wondering if I wanted one or two sets of tongs from Sur La Table. For the record, they are awesome -- my mom used them to serve her side dishes at Christmas. I highly recommend them!

Okay, now I'm getting warmed up...more to come, including some fabulous recipes from the holidays. Happy New Year!


  1. Mom once left me a voicemail to "call her immediately". I thought Dad had a heart attack. She was at Crate & Barrel and wanted to know what color appitizer plates I liked.

  2. I sure hope she picked up a pair of tongs for me, too!