Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yes, but he's my weirdo

Jeremy and I had to get out of the house this afternoon - we have been home much of the weekend, avoiding the winter cold and watching waaaay too much football.

We took Jack to the Garfield Park Conservatory - one of my favorite places in the wintertime. It's free and has easy parking (two pluses for city living). And the humid air just does wonders for my dry skin!  Also, there's something satisfying about seeing all of the green, lush plants with the dreary January weather right outside the windows.

We were in the kids' area, and then it happened. I'm surprised it's taken this long, really. Well, here goes, gentle reader: Some kid called Jack "weird." I did not point out to this 5-year-old that his mother was ignoring him while playing on her iPhone (seriously, he tripped right behind her and she didn't even look up, but I don't judge). Jack of course had no idea that people were judging his hissy-fit on the slide, so it only gave me pause for a second. That's a bit of parenting I'll learn down the road. For now, I'm happy to stick with fighting about graham crackers versus Goldfish crackers at snacktime and worrying about potty training...

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