Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm here

Our trip to Mexico, a date to the Lyric Opera with my friend Marisa, and a visit to Cleveland to celebrate our nephew's birthday notwithstanding, February was a hard month. Lots of illness (Jack's stomach flu transitioned into a cold and then into an ear infection) and lots and lots of snow.

But now it is March. Spring is surely to come sometime this month, and daylight savings time begins March 14.  I have a little residual ear-stuffiness from my cold, but overall, have my health back.  Jeremy and I are getting focused on listing our condo by the end of the month and beginning our house hunt. As I noted in a recent Facebook update, my job is to make sure we're in a good school district; his job is to make sure we're in delivery range of our favorite Thai places.

Work is heating up along with the temperatures. We are in all full-swing campaign mode, along with feverishly working on our operating fund numbers to ensure a balanced budget. I'm interviewing potential candidates for a part-time position I have open next week, which is also a step in the right direction.

Lots of celebrations coming up this spring, too - Passover, Easter, baby showers and new babies, a wedding, milestone birthdays and Jeremy's and my 5th anniversary.

This is probably the most boring post I've written so far; just needed to regroup and move forward. More entertaining posts to come shortly and hooray - finally hit 100 followers on Twitter!

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