Friday, March 12, 2010

This is my normal

Alarm goes off at 5:50 a.m. I really should get up to get ahead of Jack, especially with Jeremy out of town. 6:21 a.m. okay really should get up now. Shower, dressed, and Jack blessedly sleeps in until 7 a.m. He's up, dressed and fed. The phone rings - Jeremy is checking in from New York and updates me on flights for the day. The call-waiting beeps - it's the carpet cleaner, a week early. I ask him if he wants to come up to see our place, even though our appointment isn't until next week. He takes me up on my offer and takes a quick peek. He leaves, and Maria our nanny arrives with her daughter, whose school is closed because of a water main break. I meet her at the door with my coat already on. I race off to work. As soon as I log on to my computer, I start sending instant messages to Maria about lunch options and coat choices. She tell me, in a good-nature way, to calm down. I focus on work. I meant to write a memo last night but I always poop out at night, so I run through writing that note while alternatively checking my news sites (i.e., Facebook).  We are reviewing our projected year-end numbers at work and are worried about a deficit. In between prepping for a meeting, my coworker and I reduce our deficit by 10% by finding some reduced expenses. One of my favorite board members stops by for a meeting with my executive director and me. I'm keeping an eye on the clock, having to leave at a certain time. Decide to take a cab home to get there quicker. Controlled chaos at home; finally wrangle Jack and we're off to the airport. I've either cleverly or foolishly decided to fly stand-by with a toddler at O'Hare on a Friday afternoon. We race through the airport and maybe the attendant takes pity on me, but he does just go ahead and gives me two tickets for an earlier flight. I don't have to wait in the standby queue. I entertain Jack in the airport and call my family to give them the lowdown. The flight ends up being delayed an hour but finally we're on the plane. Jack refuses to sit; I give up. I feel like mom of the year when a flight attendant stops by as I'm reading People magazine to tell me that Jack really needs to wear his seatbelt. I wrestle said toddler into seat. He finally calms down and the flight is underway. Sweet baby boy falls asleep half way through the flight, and I can't help but pick him up and cradle him. Bumpy landing into New York. As we taxi on the runway, I call my family and Jeremy's to let them know we arrive. Jeremy's dad picks us up. Jack tell his Papa to turn off the showtunes on the way home. "New songs, Papa," Jack implores. Reunited with Jeremy (who had traveled to New York the day before) and his family. Deli sandwiches and matzoh ball soup for dinner.  An early birthday celebration for my mother-in-law with cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, courtesy of my sister-in-law. Jack is totally keyed up by all of the attention. I check out the American Museum of Natural History's website to see what time they open Saturday mornings for a potential visit. Finally get Jack to go to bed, and I decide it's time to blog and ask Jeremy for a glass of red wine. End of another busy day; good night!

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