Friday, April 23, 2010

Is drinking wine a good way to handle this?

There once was a boy named Jack. He was a good little boy and always very curious. 

My Touchpoints book tells me that the half-birthdays for toddlers are often a harder time developmentally then the real birthdays. Jack's almost 30 months and we are definitely in a difficult terrible two's phase. The willfulness and the lack of impulse control - at least using the proper terminology makes me feels better. 

As servers sweetly suggest I buckle my toddler son into his high-chair at restaurants and as the single, childless 20-something salespeople at The Spice House look at me incredulously as my son runs amok the glass jars of spices, I'm trying to deal with all of this with humor and common sense. Yeah, so, maybe I shouldn't have spent $8 on a jar of ground cardamom, if I really have no idea how I'm going to use it. (At the time, I was in grab-and-go mode - I could only clutch Jack between my knees for so long.) But we're just rolling with the punches and trying to keep our heads above water.

You tell me if you see any similarities:


  1. It really is a good thing he is so darling. I do have to admit, that after our phone call last night, Jack inspired me to not even bother with the outlet plugs, but replace the entire covers! Some day you will look back on these moments and laugh. He's a curious little fella for sure.

    I'm adding that book to my list too!

  2. Repeat after me, "its only a stage." He will get through it with your patience and guidance. I think you are taking the right approach.

    But, forget that spice store. Sheesh, $8 for cinnamon! Have you been to Penzey's? I think the one closest to you is in Oak Park. Its worth the trip when you need a couple of spices. They beat grocery store prices with a much higher quality product.

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