Thursday, April 8, 2010

My week: By the numbers

20,000: As in dollars, a gift received from a close donor to my organization this week for our annual fund. We are in tight times, and this gift was a great shot in the arm!
5: The number of days Jack has to take an antibiotic to get rid of a raging ear infection. Worst mom of the year, here, for not taking him in sooner.
1: CTA employee who always cheerfully says hello and good morning to every passenger as we enter the L station in the morning.
2: Wonderful friends who are getting married May 1, and I am just so excited to attend their wedding and see many of our friends who are traveling from throughout the country to attend.
24: The number of plastic Easter eggs Jack found Sunday in Nana's great Easter egg hunt. I'm still eating the chocolate goodies that filled the eggs.
0: The number of showings we've had on our condo since we listed a week ago. I've decided maybe I should let the place get messy, which will ensure someone will call to see our place.
2: People screaming at each other outside of my building this morning, reminding me I live and work in a city full of characters.
10: Emails sent today by my fellow board members of the DLC to determine a time for our May board meeting.
1: Toddler who threw a huuuge hissy-fit this morning because we wouldn't let him wear his pjs all day.
1: Same toddler, letting me rock him tonight and run my fingers through his baby-fine hair. With all of my "wants" in life - a new house, a new baby, that X5 - I'm very much reminded - when you add everything up -of how much I already have.

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