Sunday, September 25, 2011

To my dad

Today is my dad's 60th birthday. Surrounded by a house full of girls (even our cat Chloe), my dad has always been the quiet one.

But he was always there for us - especially for the not-so-fun stuff. Moving us in and out of college; taking us to buy a car (that was never a good time); math projects; oh, the list goes on.

I know he had to do a lot to be home every night in time for dinner. Even now, myself an adult, I see how far he walked to and fro the commuter train when we lived in the hilly suburbs of Pittsburgh, and I still think it's really far. Eating together as a family has all kinds of benefits, and we were lucky as kids to have both parents at the dinner table.

Once in middle school, he left work early to watch me play on the volleyball team (my only foray into sports) and that meant the world to me. I still remember it.

The only thing he can cook are omelets, which I still haven't mastered. That drives me nuts.

He was the first guy in mine and my sisters' lives and he was the one to walk us down the aisles to our husbands. Family comes first in his book, and we're grateful for the example he's given us of a good husband, father and now grandfather.

Happy birthday to the only person I know who likes fruitcake. We love you, Dad.

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