Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall is here

Standing at the Green City Market Saturday morning, I don't think I could be any happier. It was a crisp, sunny autumn morning, I was carrying a cup of apple cider as I surveyed the acorn squash. Baby girl Jossie was doing her best kicks in her stroller and Jack was running up to me with flowers he bought with his Daddy as an early birthday present to me.

That pristine scenario was quickly washed away when Jack spilled the apple cider, started to cry and had a tantrum because we pitched the now-empty cup.

And that's life with kids.

It's full of joy, it's messy and it's uncontrollable.

The kiddos did give me a nice gift Sunday afternoon. They both took really long afternoon naps. Oh, I love afternoon naps. Jeremy headed to the gym, and I was alone. Alone in my kitchen. And I cooked. I turned a mound of apples into Jossie's apple puree. I took three zucchini - the last of summer - and steamed and blended them into baby food. And I made Italian wedding soup for Jeremy and me because it's fall, and it's time for soup, lightweight sweaters and cuddles under the covers.

How many great recipes start with this combination?

Baby food-in-waiting, harvest-style.

I also got to talk on the phone with my best friend. We are both so much on the go lately, it's nice to have time to just chat. No texts or emails - just voice-to-voice. And that was nice.

Late that afternoon, we ended our weekend at Grand Street Gardens' Fall Fest. Check out my cute pumpkins.

I turn 35 in three days. Oy. When I am a 35-year-old, I shall wear rooster pj pants.

Good night.

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