Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday fun

A plate of cake crumbs and a mug of milk sit beside me. The birthday weekend is winding down.

We celebrated Jossie girl's big day (which is Tuesday, mind you) with a small family party Saturday. The theme was Woneder Woman, and I got all craftastic beforehand with some comicbook-covered letters, sweets and an homage to my sweetie.

How to get your Mod Podge on
I didn't even know what the heck Mod Podge was before I started this crafty journey, but my sister set me straight. Blessedly, this glue product is non-toxic, which is important when I decide to craft, as I usually get my supplies all over my pj top, the cat and the kitchen sink. Seriously, I'm not a crafter; this was a super-simple project:

1. Cardboard letters, which you can buy from any craft store or if you want to get snazzy, from Paper Source.
2. Cool paper to cover the letters; I used Wonder Woman comics, which was a journey in of itself. I headed to a comic store that was literally a block from my office. I never even knew it existed.
3. A foam roller.
4. A craft knife and self-healing cutting board (I used one of my Ikea cutting boards).
5. Mod Podge for paper (I prefer matte - I hear it has less fumes).

1. Using foam roller, spread Mod Podge over the front of cardboard letter.
2. Place paper over letter and flip over.
3. Cut around the edges of the letter using your craft knife.
4. Flip over and admire your beautiful work.
5. Spread one more layer of Mod Podge atop the paper (it will dry clear) and let dry overnight. 

Jack and I also made a sweets plate of red and blue star sugar cookies with edible gold glitter, chocolate red lips and Twizzler yellow lassos.

Everyone got a party favor bag of these treats to bring home; a great Etsy seller made me some fun custom stickers and I found the brown kraft bags at The Container Store.

And for the last year, I've been taking pictures of Jossie month by month; I copied this birthday banner idea from my friend Abby:

A good time was had by all. We served sparkling wine, which I highly suggest for all birthday parties. I was tickled pink (sorry) that Jeremy found a J Vineyards Brut Rose.

And there was cake from Sweet Mandy B's.

Which little sister greatly enjoyed:

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  1. I love the birthday banner idea! Now I know why I've been taking those monthly photos too...