Friday, January 20, 2012

For fun

Well, I could give you a retrospective on Jossie's first few days in the NICU, since we're celebrating that anniversary. But it's Friday afternoon; it's snowing like there's no tomorrow; and my husband's probably stranded in Minneapolis, where he'll have to suffer sleeping by himself in a W Hotel with room service.

So I present to you:

How my 12 month old is like a drunk person
1. She staggers around, holding on to furniture to pull herself up.
2. "Personal space" is not in her vocabulary.
3. She'll grab the Fisher-Price microphone and start to babble into it.
4. She's constantly drooling.
5. She likes to throw food.
6. It's illegal for her to drive a car.
7. She'll laugh for no good reason.
8. She has no concept of time.
9. If she wants to prove her point, she gets louder.
10. She'll be kissing me one moment and crying the next.

Happy Friday!

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