Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's your ultimate family vacation?

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So the current word on the street is that my parents' new house might not be done in time for Christmas. Being slightly displaced is made even worse by things only my family would worry about. To quote my dear little sister, "I don't have the freezer room to make of all the Christmas cookies that Mom usually makes!"

We briefly flirted with the idea of going away for Christmas, which would be a complete novelty for my family. In the end, we probably won't  - and it's for very good reasons - we couldn't take my brothers-in-law away from their own families during the holidays.

But with that said, a girl can dream, can't she? So in the spirit of plotting dream vacations, I present to you, my Ultimate Family Vacation:

I would head to the mountains at Beaver Creek Ski Resort in Colorado. (I love that their tagline is "Not exactly roughing it.") Okay, if you know me well or even just know me just in passing, you know I'm absolutely scared to death of downhill skiing. In my late-20s, I broke down crying, sobbing, bawling on the bunny hill in Vail as 3 year olds in helmets whizzed past me. I was scarred for life. That said, I know my husband and some of members of my family would LOVE to have a skiing vacation, so I would be game. Despite my own fears, I would encourage my son to try skiing - start him early!

I love to cross country ski and I absolutely adore spa days at mountain resorts (who wouldn't?). If this is my dream vacation, there would be sumptuous meals (with no dishes to wash), lazy winter days reading books by a fire and a Christmas Eve with snow falling softly outside. We'd write Santa a note before our trip so he'd know where to find us. My parents, my sisters and their families would all be there with me and my little family, and we'd all fly first class. And there would be a lot of Christmas cookies.

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