Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wise words

I'm thinking about renaming this blog "sleepy train confessions."

So here goes...I'm on the L last night, digging my nails in my palms, trying to stay awake. I had a meeting run late at work, so I had to skip my afternoon snack. Blood sugar's running low, and it's a little chilly out. I'm tired, tired, tired.

As I walk into my friend's house to pick up Jack, I announce to anyone who will listen, "Mama's tired, so Jack get your shoes on." The little guy listens, mostly because Maria is still there and helps to usher him out the door.

It's a beautiful fall evening - Jack runs to the car as I trail behind, the leaves crunching under my feet. Suddenly, he turns around and looks at me squarely in the eyes and says, "Focus. I am speed."

I laugh aloud - if you're a Cars fan, you'll know this is a line from the Disney movie (I can imagine my friend Amy wondering what is the deal with guys quoting movies all of the time...) but I take it to heart. Focus, focus - I'm someone's mommy and I can't drag myself along. I hoist Jack into his seat and away we go into the night....to bake a lasagna and banana bread and maybe wash one load of laundry if I can eek it out.

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