Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Yesterday I woke up and put on a blue shirt - the same blue shirt I wore three years ago when I went to my 20-week ultrasound when I was expecting Jack. I had convinced myself that I'm having a boy this time around, and this appointment was the confirmation. I asked Jack over breakfast one more time - little brother or little sister? And he answered the same as he always had - little sister.

Well, turns out Jack was right. I cannot believe it - God is blessing us a little girl. We're surprised, thrilled and excited for this next step in our family. I can't convey the joy and the weight of this discovery. With Jack, I've been primarily concerned with his health, safety and well-being. And of course his learning and growth as a little person. But with a daughter, my mind is already racing with ideas of making her strong and independent. As I carried my "Wonder Woman" coffee mug to my desk this morning, one of my (male) colleagues pointed out that my daughter can use that cup one day.  I smiled, ready for the challenge.

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