Thursday, October 13, 2011

One for the road

Today I took my first business trip since my 1998 jaunt to a printing plant in Winston-Salem, NC as the then-yearbook editor at Northwestern. My big adventure today wasn’t so big – a day trip to Milwaukee for a land trust conference via Amtrak.  Woo-wee.

I never really experienced the highs and lows of business travel – the late-night sing-a-longs in a lonely hotel lobby I’m assuming you people do, so this experience was quite the novelty. Even after spilling a cup of coffee on myself in the wee hours of the morning on the train, I still chuckled when Jeremy texted me that both kids were awake and ready to start their day at 5:40 a.m. Ah, peace and quiet, how I’ve missed you, gentle friends.

And it was a really productive day – I attended two great sessions that hopefully will help me grow professionally and, in turn, help my organization. I also met some nice people and – Jeremy – if we’re ever in Missoula, Montana, I have a friend we can stay with.

Yet my mind always goes back to my first and most dear profession: Motherhood. And in honor of my good friend who’s going to be a first-time mama soon and is a seasoned business traveler, I present without further adieu:

Universal truths about motherhood and business travel:
  1. No matter where you are or what time you woke up, it’s magical to watch the sun rise.
  2. Always wear black; it hides stains (please see coffee spill above).
  3. Anti-bacterial wipes are indispensible.
  4. Calories still count so make good food choices.
  5. You can never have too many tissues or napkins (please see coffee spill above).
  6. People get grumpy when they are hungry and tired.
  7. Playing nice always gets you further – you never know when you’ll need an ally or a buddy to help you out.
  8. Make sure your batteries are always charged.
  9. Expect and welcome diversions from the original plan.
  10. A beer at the end of the day never hurt anyone.

What would you add? C’mon, give me your best.

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