Thursday, June 7, 2012

My day

My days are filled with lots of have-to's. I have to do a load of whites before I go to bed. I have to clean up the counter after dinner. I have to participate on that conference call. I have to finish a grant proposal before the day is done.

But isn't it nice when we have one day that is filled with want-to's?

I had one of those days - a day of running around Chicago, a city I love, working, learning and living. The day started for me with an Openlands' tree-planting with corporate volunteers in Grandmother's Garden in Lincoln Park. I brought Jack along, and, yes, he complained mightily since the only job he could do was put dirt around the newly planted trees. But it was still nice to have my son by my side and to have him see people working together to make things better.

Lunch was time with one of my mentors and my fellow fundraising colleagues and a reminder of what I've learned so far in my little career. And the food was excellent.

And the end of the day, after literally running into our office and then back out again, was a school garden dedication at Lincoln Park High School. So proud to see the work of my colleagues and the students celebrated.

The weather was beautiful, and I'm happily exhausted.

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