Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy with what we have

The holidays hullabaloo are winding down. I'm at work today - New Year's Eve is a fundraiser's Super Bowl. I'm waiting for today's mail and last-minute phone calls from donors as I keep tabs on our nation nearing the fiscal cliff. I suspect our politicians have their toes curled over the edge at this point.

Winter is coming. I'm looking forward to some quieter days. Some togetherness. Jeremy and I left the condo together this morning and I reflected that 2012 might be one of our best years. Save for my brother-in-law's run-in with a tree branch, our family has been healthy. (He's fine now, by the way.) Jossie is healthy and has not shown any developmental delays because of her prematurity. Our kids are small enough that life isn't too complicated yet with after-school activities and social drama. We're just here and happy with what we have (which includes my awesome new Sodastream - I'm a believer, people).

My children can be crazy little animals (as exhibited by their behavior this weekend as we paid our visits to friends) but they are mine. While their needs are great, they won't be little for forever, and I'm trying to remember that. They're only in my nest for so long, and I'm constantly trying to be present when I'm with them.

We're renewing our memberships to museums for wintertime visits, and there are stacks of Chicago Public Library books on the kids' dresser. I'm thrilled at the amount of non-digital gifts we received for Christmas, and I'm hoping for hours of imaginary play. Well, at least a few minutes.

Jossie is in love with her baby dolls. After they had gone to bed one night, I was cleaning up toys and noticed that Joss had put her doll in its high chair and had fashioned a potholder to be the baby's bib. Her doll's tray was filled with lots of play food. It made me smile.

Two years ago, during a bitterly cold January midnight's hour, Jossie's early birth knocked me upside-down.  Now, her birthday is a bright joy just a few weeks after the holidays. Jossie is little enough that we'll just have a small family party at home, and it'll be sparkly pinks, silvers and whites because I can.

Here are some of my wintertime delights right now:

On my Pandora station: The Avett Brothers
On my DVR (which I never have time to watch): The Little Paris Kitchen and she has a cookbook coming out in February!
On Jack's nightstand: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (for all those who love reading)

Much love to you and happy wishes for 2013.

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