Friday, December 14, 2012

It's time

This holiday season, I have a new decoration - a "Happy Holidays" metal sign with lots of swirls to tuck holiday cards into. It's overflowing with adorable pictures of my family and friends' little ones.

You and me - we can't let those little ones down.

Today there was a horrific tragedy for our nation. Twenty-eight dead at a Connecticut elementary school because of a gunman; 20 of the total are children. 11 days before Christmas.

Today, we mourn. We hold our children close. We put posts on Facebook and tweet on Twitter, crying for stricter gun laws and sending our prayers to those families who lost their children. We light the candles on the menorah and the lights on the Christmas tree to represent hope. We even quote Mr. Rogers because we need common sense and a reminder of the good in the world.

Today can last as long as we need it to. To grieve. To try to make sense of a senseless act. To send peace to the families who have experienced the unthinkable. Let us have today.

But tomorrow will come.

When you become a parent, your heart is not within you any more. It walks to the bus stop; it plays at the playground; it sits in a school classroom.

We have to do something, and it's time. My readers - you - have resources at your disposable and it's time we use them. I've learned a lot from 2012, and one of my biggest lessons is that something big can start from something small. So let's have faith that we can make a change. Let's make our schools safer for our kids. For our Jack. For our Jossie. For your son. For your daughter.

It's time to write our legislators. It's time we make donations to relevant non-profits. It's time we recognize the need to make mental health care accessible for all. It's time we - you and me -  stand up to bullying and the effects it has.

Please join me. Here's a petition to sign.

And tonight, let's kiss our sleeping sweet children on their heads.

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