Saturday, December 1, 2012

No style points

I often say we get things done in my house - it might not be pretty, but it gets done.

This past week exemplified that.

I have been sick for the better part of the last two weeks - hence no blog posts. It was all I could do to keep my family and my work going, let alone anything else. This week started with me being dead tired, still congested and plates and plates full of work at the office.

I have tried to climb back.

I ended the week in better footing. Still more work to do at the office but was energized by a new group project, an extraordinary surprise grant and a few proposals sent. We were invited to a cookie exchange Friday night, and it was all new friends to meet - the kids and I had a great time. And it was in a different part of the city we rarely visit anymore, so that was exciting and new too.

Today is December 1 and the holidays are upon us. I feel like I write this blog post every year, but I'm feeling it more and more as a mother and a fundraiser this time of year. It's busy - there are a lot of things taking my attention, and my goal is to be present this holiday season.

To be present at home with my kids. When Jossie grabs my hand with her chubby hand. When Jack asks me to cuddle when he's watching a TV show. When Jeremy is talking with me. And to be present at work. To look at my co-workers and not my email when they're speaking with me. Just to be.

The holidays are a special time. But so is time spent with people whom you love, value and admire. And that can be any day of the year.

More to come - wishing you a reflective and loving holiday season.

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