Sunday, December 16, 2012

Send our love

The teachers and administrators at Jack's school mean the world to us. As Jack is the oldest, every twist and turn of his development and learning is new to us. They have guided us, providing us sound advice. We had a field trip Friday morning with his class, and - even though each child had his or her own chaperone - I noticed the teachers periodically taking count of the kids. Yesterday, we received an email from the school's director sending pointers on talking about tragedies with kids and reaffirming her love for our children and our families.

I, like many others, will attend church today to help find reason and solace in Friday's tragedy. Let's send our love and prayers to the families who lost their loved ones. Here are the school administrators' and teachers' Facebook pages, in case you have a few minutes to send your thoughts:

Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, Sandy Hook Elementary's principal
Mary Sherlach, Sandy Hook Elementary's school psychologist
Lauren Rousseau, Teacher
Victoria Soto, Teacher
Rachel D'Avino, Teacher
Anne Marie Murphy, Teacher

To access the students' pages, you'll see links on the teachers' pages.

Addendum: I'm realizing that some of this pages are "unauthorized" - set up by a well-meaning person who is not related to the families. Please use your own judgement. For those who would like to send financial support to those in need, please look here for one suggestion.

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