Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bittersweet ain't just a chocolate

I went home to Cleveland this weekend with Jeremy and Jack for two celebrations: my youngest sister's 30th birthday and my middle sister's baby shower. We had so much fun with my family - including Jack whooping it up with his 2-year-old cousin Andrew.

My parents move in a week or so from the house we basically grew up in - I thought my mom was slightly crazy for hosting people Saturday night for dinner after the baby shower. But it was fitting to have a last hurrah in the house. As the toddlers ran around the yard and people mingled outside, I thought this was the best memory I could have - our family house filled with people, laughter and, of course, food.

The house has been on the market for two years, so I thought I would be prepared. Yeah, I wasn't. As I said good-bye to my dad, I couldn't let go and started to cry. A lot. My mom took one look at me, and her eyes grew wet (no one cries alone with my mother). I'll be okay - I'm almost surprised at how heartbroken I feel about this transition. I've thought about it a lot - I just have to dig down deep to keep the memories - the same place I keep the other good days, my wedding, the FANTASTIC shoe deal I got last summer, etc...

And this is really good for my parents. They are moving closer to my sisters and to me (kind of). I kid that the new house they are building is my mom's dream kitchen with a house built around it (double wall ovens, people). But I'm still a little sad...


  1. After spending a large chunk of my childhood at the Caruso's, this is making me sad too. Lots of good memories, lots of good food. Maybe we can get together and make homemade doughnuts at the new place....

  2. We're sad too, Jennifer. It is very hard to imagine that my daughter won't ever step foot in that house. She'll never get to run through the backyard and up the deck steps (while watching out for splinters!). She won't see her mom's childhood bedroom. She won't get to run in a circle with her cousins through the first floor of the house.

    However, she will get to see Nana and Papa a whole lot sooner. Christmas won't be spent in the car driving between the east and west sides of Cleveland. Jack and Andrew probably won't remember the old house either and the three of them will have new adventures in the new place.

    Plus Mom and Dad want this. They deserve this. Of course closing a chapter is bittersweet, but I am so excited for them too.

  3. Jen, I almost lost it when your mom was saying the blessing before dinner. Although I of course have never lived there, I also have tons of great memories associated with the house.

    The only thing that makes it slightly easier, at least for me, was since they eliminated the decor and your mom's special touches in order to help it sell, it really wasn't the same house anymore.

    I'm so happy that it finally sold and they'll be moving to a wonderful new house, with all new features that has the bonus of being closer to all of you.