Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm easily won over...

The end of last week was just weird in Chicago...local news of suicides, including one quite close to my office, varying temperatures with brutal changes in air pressure, and a weird guy on the L who was surely harmless but just got my radar up. Even silly little things were getting me down, like people consistently not holding the elevator in the lobby of my building, preferring to let the doors shut as I approached them. Bleh. Friday, as the rains continued, I was ready to go home and quit city life for awhile. While I was down, I even got kicked again - receiving a ticket in the mail from the City for running a red light (with a picture of our car as evidence). Awesome.

But, Chicago, you are persistent.

I have seen your beauty this week. Yes, the rainy weather has continued, but one of my coworkers turned my perspective upside down Tuesday morning by calling his early-morning, misty walk through
Millennium Park "poetry."  The kind CTA attendant at my L station asked me Monday if I had a nice Mother's Day. This morning, as I walked to the train, I heard an extremely enthusiastic "good morning!" As I looked up, I saw a garbage man, hanging off of the back of his truck, waving to me. Kind of strange but, still, it made me smile. And as I walked across Daley Plaza toward my office, I was met with the first farmer's market of the season. 

Living in a city forces you to face all types of humanity day in and day out. I can't shield my son from all of the bad but I hope I'm giving him the tools to appreciate the good.

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