Thursday, May 27, 2010

No, it never gets easy

Lately, Jack really likes to wave good-bye from our fourth-floor condo window as our friends leave our building. We typically stand there and frantically wave as they either get into their cars and drive away or are on foot. It's cute and endearing, and when Roscoe the cat jumps up on the large windowsill too, sometimes chaotic.

But it hurts a little when I'm the person Jack is waving good-bye to.

This morning, he and Daddy were standing at the window as usual, and I - not caring what people think - wave both arms to Jack and blow a big kiss from the street below. He waves back; Daddy's hands around his waist. As I turn the corner - both literally and figuratively - to head to work, I'm sad to ever turn my back to him. I know full well he is certainly demanding that Daddy play trucks or cue up another "Curious George" but it's still hard. It never gets easy.

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