Tuesday, May 11, 2010

There goes that theory

I know the real reason for reading this blog is for Jack stories, right? Well, if I must oblige...

Jack has a slight diaper rash on his leg. I know this because our nanny Maria told me. Best mom ever! Jack had been complaining about his "tunnel" hurting ("tunnel" obviously meaning the space between your legs...like in playing tunnel with Mommy at inappropriate times - trying to squeeze between her legs when she's talking to salespeople at the store...or worse, playing tunnel with unsuspecting victims, like a newlywed at her brunch the day after her wedding.), so I should have suspected something was amiss.

I thought I would give Jack some time to "air out" so I dressed him in 2T boxer briefs during our pre-bedtime routine last night. I told him to let me know if he had to go potty since he wasn't wearing a diaper, and he solemnly nodded his head in agreement. I let him play for a bit and every few minutes checked in to make sure we were doing okay. He kept saying he was fine. Well, well, well, I smugly thought to myself. I might be onto something.

However, I finally decided to check for myself. We were not fine - he was soaked and didn't even care or notice.

My theory on instantaneous potty-training is going to need some work...

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