Monday, November 22, 2010

Count on your blessings

Stresses at work, runny noses and the mountain of laundry that will never go away - these are the things that can weigh me down and they admittedly aren't even the real big obstacles of life. But they clutter my mind and my day.

We had our good friends in town this weekend, and Emily told me about a workshop she attended where the teacher encouraged them to minimize the bad things to the place they belong to let the good things come through (this is me greatly paraphrasing). It made me think - how often do I dwell on the bad stuff when the good stuff of life surrounds me?

I woke up Saturday morning and even though I've been planning for this day for weeks, I was struck with the thought: I get to spend today with some of my best friends. Emily and Steve were in town from St. Louis; Amy and Mark were joining us as well. Super nanny Maria was watching all of the little darlings so we could head to the Northwestern v. Illinois game at Wrigley Field kid-free. NU may have lost the game but I had a great time catching up with my dearies. We joined up with more friends at the game; basically half of the people who were in our wedding party were seated with us in the stands. Worries melted away; my only complaint that afternoon was that the hot pretzels at the stadium were lukewarm.

My church - Fourth Presbyterian Church - sends daily devotionals and today's was Psalm 103 that basically says "don't miss a single blessing."

During this Thanksgiving, my wish for you (since I pretty much personally know my readership) is to remember what makes life meaningful. Quiet the stresses and anxieties that cloud your mind and reach out your arms. I bet you're met with someone who will hug you back.

Don't merely count your blessings. Count on your blessings. They make life worth living.

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