Monday, November 8, 2010

Everything is different

Three years ago, life changed forever. I felt it at that moment, and I feel it today. Happy birthday to my dear boy Jack. 

How has life changed? 
  • "A Bug's Life" is played on the DVD player much more than often than "When Harry Met Sally"
  • Jeremy and I ask for tables of 3 rather than 2 when we go out to eat
  • Sippy cups have replaced wine glasses
  • I have a natural subject for all holiday cards
  • Sick days are actually taken as...sick days
  • I sing "Somewhere over the rainbow" on a nightly basis
  • I am reminded the joy of enjoying the little things in life
  • A small hand rests in mine

Jack, you've matured so much over this past year - especially in these last few weeks. I love having conversations with you and I love watching you grow and learn and play with your friends and cousins. This year is a big year - you'll become a big brother and a bonafide preschooler.  You are beloved by many and loved by me. Jeremy, thank you for being the wonderful daddy you are and for being my best friend through these new-parent years - some of the hardest and most joyous times I've experienced.

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