Monday, December 14, 2009

My husband, the talking head

From time to time, Jeremy, as a reporter, is asked to speak on TV on stories he's following. It never, ever gets old for me. I just love seeing him on TV, and it always impresses me on how at ease he is behind the camera. At the beginning, it was mostly local news programs, but he's since graduated to the big time - cable news, people.

Sunday morning, he was on MSNBC, talking about Tiger Woods and his endorsements. As we were going to bed Saturday night, I kept asking him if he was nervous, and he assured me he wasn't. His first appearance Sunday was actually via Skype from our home. Since we live in a loft, and it's hard for me to contain noise, I took Jack and our 15-pound, attention-loving cat Roscoe into the bathroom. Jack got a bath with all of his toys while Jeremy did his 7:30 a.m. interview. Here is the second of his two appearances that morning (this one was done in NBC's Chicago studio).

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