Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Val's favorite: Mrs. Cozzi's cookies

Val is the kind of co-worker/friend everyone needs in their life - she lets me go on and on with Jack stories; she can toe-to-toe with Jeremy on Bruce Springsteen; and really is always up for a good giggle.

I am so honored that she, her sister and her mom have shared this recipe with me. While she admits they are simple, they have a lot of fond memories associated with them. Here is her introduction:

These simple butter cookies have become one of my family's holiday favorites. Their green and red coloring make them festive-looking in any holiday cookie selection.  The recipe is from our cherished neighbors, Gus and Mary Cozzi. The Cozzis were the best kind of people. Mrs. Cozzi frquently invited us in when we were kids and fed us her fabulous Italian cooking. We loved these simple butter cookies so much, after much begging and pleading, Mrs. Cozzi graciously shared her simple recipe with us. Gus and Mary Cozzi are both gone now, but I still think of them especially around the holidays.

Mrs. Cozzi's cookies
1 lb butter
1 1/3 c powdered sugar
6 T vanilla
4 c flour
red and green food coloring

Blend & divide dough in half. Color half red and other green. Roll into small balls and bake 350 12-15 min until slightly browned on bottom. Let cool then lightly sprinkle tops with powdered sugar.

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