Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3 baby update

Jeremy and I spent the day with Joss today. It was delicious to be reunited with her. She unfortunately had another brady episode this morning around 11 a.m., so the five-day clock restarted again. I want her 100% healthy when we bring her home, but you can probably imagine how frustrating this is for us. I've cried enough tears for all of Chicago.

Every single time she has had a brady episode, she has been able to self-recover, but we of course would never want an episode to happen at home. Jeremy and I have signed up for a refresher course on Monday for infant CPR - it feels good to be doing something.

Jeremy's sister Cassie asked me to be her matron of honor at her wedding today. I was deeply touched and so honored. Jack and Joss will also participate as the cutest ringbearer and flower girl ever. When we asked Jack if he wants to be a ringbearer, he cheered and then said seriously, "what does that mean?" And then I got all teary again (big surprise) because if Joss is timid to walk down the aisle, Cassie suggested that Jeremy carry her down the aisle and so THEN I start thinking about Joss' wedding day and Jeremy walking her down the aisle and hello, waterworks.

Anywho, back to the present: Here's a little love between Daddy and daughter from today:

And we continue to be amazed at the similarities between Joss and Jack. Here's a picture of Jack, a few days old in Daddy's arms from November 2007:

And one last piece of love. We came home to a dinner of chicken pot pie tonight, courtesy of Amy and, yes, that's a heart cut-out in the middle, and, yes, I cried when I saw it.

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