Friday, February 11, 2011

Moving forward

As the monitors, tests and bright lights of the hospital fade into memories, Jeremy and I are moving forward with life. We're here now, and here is good.

Jack is adjusting to being a big brother - he informed us he's taking showers now because he's a big boy but has had some setbacks with potty training. And the Look he gave me when he woke up from his nap yesterday and I was holding that darn baby AGAIN, well forget about it. Though Jack did enjoy Jossie "chasing" him this morning with Daddy's help. And the stunned look on Jossie's face was priceless, her arms outstretched, as Daddy held her in his arms. We're not in the NICU anymore, Toto.

I love my small brood. I love wiping two tushies and tickling two bellies to get little laughs. Homebound because of the cold Chicago weather, I'm enjoying the tiny moments with two small kids - clad in fuzzy pjs with fluffy clean hair after bathtime, waiting for bedtime stories. The music on Jossie's swing endlessly playing because Jack likes to play DJ and Jeremy and I are too tired to turn it off. My little 3-year-old prince asking me if I'll be at his "balentine." I love it all - even the long nights of feeding Joss every two hours and then hearing a little voice yell at 6:30 a.m., "Mommy, I want to wake up now!"

I'm tired and happy.

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