Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fresh air

Today's predicted high is around 60 degrees. The pediatrician gave us the blessing to take Jossie outside - in fact she said she preferred us to take her outside than being in a crowded indoor area. So, Jossie and I bundled up and out we went to soak up some "fresh" city air. Jeremy and I live in a pretty industrial area of Chicago and with all of the snow melting and the streets dirty, she got a pretty gritty view of her neighborhood. She slept soundly like a good city baby as trucks and buses rumbled past.

We've had but a handful of visitors since Jossie has been home, and that's my doing. I've been super-careful about germs - someone else's common cold could be a serious thing for Jossie, which could land us back in the hospital. But you know me - I love to talk and I really miss people. Any time someone on the street would make eye contact, you bet they got a chipper "good morning!" from me (followed by a look of "don't even think of touching my baby").

Today is sweet Jossie's one-month birthday! At her pediatrician visit yesterday, she weighed in at 5 lbs 2 oz. The greatest gainer!  Preemies can take awhile to catch up their peers - the average is two years. We'll see how our champ does - I'm saying six months, and she's rolling her eyes at me for pressuring her already. 

Jack is going back and forth if he likes his new big-brother status. He likes to talk about what babies cannot do, and what big boys can do. He likes to talk about what Jossie will do when she's bigger. He even indulged me the other night by allowing me to show him his baby pictures so we could see how small he once was. We still have our moments, however. Jossie's been receiving a lot of nice gifts, and one afternoon - after not napping - he threw one present, which escalated into a lot of his crying and my harsh tones. When Jeremy came home, Jack was still upset and sat on Jeremy's lap. I told Jer what happened and then Jack's eyes welled up with tears again and he bubbled over. "But I want presents too."  Believe you me, I knew it was a lot bigger than just about who's getting presents, and so you can guess who also started crying too.

Anyone want to buy Jack a pony?

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that Jossie is still gaining like a little champ. You go, girlie!

    And big hugs to Big Brother Jack! It's a big adjustment, when everyone's paying attention to that new baby who can't even DO STUFF.

    Also, big supportive hugs to you and Jeremy. Love you all, so much!