Thursday, January 27, 2011

The glad game

Since January 10, Jeremy and I have undergone a journey fraught with emotion - hope, despair, joy, frustration - oh the list goes on and on. Through it all, we've seen so much good and here are just a few of the things that make me happy and keep me going:

  • My mom staying with us and keeping our house running and organized
  • Jeremy's parents and sister spending the past weekend with us
  • My sister and her family visiting tomorrow
  • BFFs who call and email to check in and help me out from the downright silly (maxi pad run) to the major (keeping Jack overnight)
  • Us planning to order dinner from The Smoke Daddy last night and right before we placed the order, we opened the mail to find a gift card to that exact restaurant from our good friends Alissa and Andy
  • This is vain, but having nice maternity clothes bought by my mom and mother-in-law and lent by friends to wear daily (I'm not ready to put on regular clothes just yet)
  • Our good friends Emily and Steve considering moving back to Chicago
  • Eating dessert at lunch every day (I'm nursing - I can afford the calories)
  • A workplace that is very understanding that family comes first
  • A husband who is my best friend and my two adorable kiddos

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